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Halls Creek Eco Green

Businesses That Contribute to Eco Green in the Region of Halls Creek in Western Australia, Australia

Halls Creek is a town located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. This small town is known for its rich indigenous culture and stunning natural beauty. Due to the town's remote location, the Halls Creek community has always relied on sustainable practices to survive in the harsh desert environment. To this day, businesses throughout the region work to maintain and improve the natural environment - contributing to eco-green practices.

This article will discuss five businesses in the Halls Creek region that contribute to eco-green practices and describe the benefits of each organization.

1. Kimberley Wild Expeditions

Kimberley Wild Expeditions is a tourism operator that offers guided tours throughout Western Australia. The company is committed to environmentally friendly practices and aims to minimize the impact travelers have on the natural environment. They use reusable water bottles, utilize solar-powered technology, and offset their carbon emissions. The company offers eco-certified tours, which are carefully designed to minimize environmental impact and support local communities.

Benefits of Kimberley Wild Expeditions:

- The company has received certification from the Australian Eco-Tourism Association, which ensures their commitment to environmentally friendly practices.
- Traveler's experiences are enhanced, as guides are able to share in-depth knowledge of the local area and indigenous culture.
- The tours support local economies and businesses.

Contact: +61 8 9168 2670

2. Kimberley Land Council

The Kimberley Land Council (KLC) is a land management organization tasked with managing and preserving Indigenous land in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The council is responsible for a vast region that comprises 421,000 square kilometers, which includes Halls Creek. The KLC works with traditional owners to manage the land, protect biodiversity, and promote economically sustainable practices.

Benefits of Kimberley Land Council:

- The KLC's efforts ensure that the natural landscape of the region is preserved for future generations.
- The traditional owners have a greater say over how the land is used and managed, which allows for a more culturally appropriate approach to land management.
- The KLC aims to promote economic development in a way that benefits the community while also protecting the environment.

Contact: +61 8 9192 9600

3. Halls Creek Visitor Centre

The Halls Creek Visitor Centre is a tourist information center that assists visitors to the town and the surrounding area. The center provides information on the local environment, including flora and fauna, and the indigenous culture of the region. The Halls Creek Visitor Centre also promotes eco-tourism and environmentally sustainable practices. The staff work to educate visitors on how they can minimize their impact on the environment while still enjoying the local area.

Benefits of Halls Creek Visitor Centre:

- The center helps to raise awareness of eco-friendly practices among tourists and visitors.
- Through educating visitors, the center encourages responsible tourism and helps minimize the impact of tourism on the environment.
- The center promotes the local economy and supports local businesses.

Contact: +61 8 91 872 137

4. Rangelands NRM

Rangelands NRM is an organization that works across Western Australia's rangeland areas to conserve and manage the natural environment. The group is dedicated to promoting sustainable land use practices and biodiversity conservation. They work to educate land managers and owners on how to manage the environment sustainably and promote best practices for biodiversity management.

Benefits of Rangelands NRM:

- The organization promotes best practices for land management, which can benefit both the environment and local economies.
- The group works to preserve and enhance biodiversity, which can lead to improved ecosystem services, such as improved soil quality, water resources, and carbon storage.
- The educational programs implemented by Rangelands NRM help to promote sustainable practices among landowners and managers.

Contact: +61 8 9468 8250

5. Outback Spirit Foundation

The Outback Spirit Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on promoting sustainable development in remote Australian communities. The foundation offers a range of programs, including community education programs, primary healthcare initiatives, cultural regeneration projects, and environmental management projects. The organization's environmental management work promotes sustainable land use practices in remote areas and aims to protect and conserve the environment.

Benefits of Outback Spirit Foundation:

- The organization promotes sustainable land use practices, which can benefit both the environment and local economies.
- Support for community initiatives and primary healthcare programs can help to improve people's quality of life.
- Cultural regeneration projects can preserve and promote the local indigenous culture.

Contact: +61 8 6365 2282


The businesses and organizations discussed above are a few examples of how the Halls Creek region is committed to eco-green practices and protecting the natural environment. From eco-certified tourism operators to land management groups and non-profit organizations, the community is working together to ensure that they contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment. By promoting sustainable practices, the community can support its economic and social development while protecting the environment for future generations.

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